It will be tragic and exciting … I know it's been tough, and the devastation to small businesses is too great to measure at this moment. A favorite of mine is maple sugar. Sanitation, spacing, and an overall concern for the guest’s comfort levels will remain a high priority, not just in practice but also in showing—I think it will also bleed into new restaurant build-outs and concepts. Think: dark bitter chocolate, salty flavours, subtle milk … — Kevin Tien, chef of Moon Rabbit in Washington, DC, “This year we, and many other restaurants across the globe, had to quickly pivot to expand into takeout and delivery, and I don't see that trend going away anytime soon. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Interesting food and drink trends to expect throughout 2021 New food trends to take note of by Dan Clapson. When it comes to exposing diners to the new traditions—what it means to be Burmese-American, Filipino-American, Ethiopian-American, or Vietnamese-American—I look up to what chefs including Charles Phan, Tom Cunanan, and Andrea Nguyen have done for Filipino and Vietnamese chefs. This Chef-Driven Start-Up Harnesses Food Waste to Feed Those in Need. This is a kind of 2020 trend that will only get more popular into next year...maybe because this year, we literally ran out of mason jars lids as so many people were trying out canning. Daube is an old heartwarming slow-cooked dish Louisianians cook in our homes, but now you'll see that type of cooking in restaurants. I don’t see this changing as we enter 2021.” — Gavin Fine, owner of Fine Dining Restaurant Group (opening a new concept in spring 2021 at The Cloudveil) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, “In response to guests looking for more privatized experiences, we're transforming our carryout options to include more whimsical and casual dishes that guests can enjoy at their leisure and in a place of their choosing.” — Chris Huerta, executive chef of Old Edwards Hospitality Group in Franklin, North Carolina, "Online, chef-driven virtual cooking classes—with accompanying chef food boxes for their recipes—will continue to expand in 2021. Another great one is coconut sugar, which you can also find as coconut brown sugar now.” — Chef Simone, founder of Art Delectables in Los Angeles, “Even after everyone’s vaccinated, I don’t see restaurants overbooking and cramming as many guests in as possible just to earn a quick buck for a few years at least. Late last year, we talked to dozens of chefs who predicted trends that ranged from family-style dining to tasting menus with non-alcoholic juice pairings. Families like the Conyers family in Manning, South Carolina, growing heritage sweet potatoes come to mind, or The Carter family of Philadelphia who have been growing watermelons and selling them on the corner of 84th and Lindbergh in Southwest Philadelphia for 50 years. Chef collaboration and conversations to promote greater understanding of culture and cooking. There will likely be a greater focus on stew and curry. Or is that just a pizza on a board? More than ever before, 2020 presented opportunities to shape conversations on things like economic and tax policies, public health, and food insecurity. Here are the highlights. I hope to have continued conversations with consumers on how they can help promote sustainability in the industry. Politics and social hierarchy that's clouded that purpose are being put to bed in favor of an awakening to a universal realization. Follow dansgoodside. We were able to buy ingredients farmers had on-hand even though we were not able to use them in the kitchen due to restrictions on dining. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Friendly's Makes A Huge Peanut Butter Cup Cake, Fans Are Bombarding Kelly Ripa's Latest Instagram, The Only Instant Pot Cookbooks You Need—Seriously, Trader Joe's Recalled Its Almond Kringle Pastries, 53 Cult-Favorite Items You Have to Try at Aldi, 12 Things You Should Never Donate To A Food Bank, How Food Media Tackles Representation In Recipes, Great-Tasting Keto Coffee Creamers Actually Exist. ), many of us actually have time to think about breakfast. There is a thirst for knowledge again that we saw 10 years ago where cooking classes were really popular. Best. Trends will be less "trendy" this year and more rooted as we look back on a year that has grounded many of us and brought our foundations and truths to the surface, in my opinion.” — Omar Tate, chef and founder of Honeysuckle Projects in Philadelphia, “I think the current state of the industry leaves the door wide open for more diverse voices and cultures from within the African Diaspora to thrive. The food trends set to be popular in 2021, according to Waitrose From amchoor to black garlic and orange wine, these are the foods set to make a splash in 2021 … This year has felt like 100 years and also two days all in one, and we're all more than a little glad to kiss it goodbye...or more appropriately, give it the finger goodbye. Looking to amp up your beef stew but unsure where to start? It’s interesting, exciting, and comfortable and accessible.” — Matt Greene, executive chef of Common House Richmond in Virginia, “2021 is the year of kindness. But, we as an industry have always been resilient. Here, the 10 biggest food trends for 2021. You can even get steaks and deli meat at some of your favorite places! With these delivery-only brands, we will continue to see comfort food like burgers and fried chicken because the demand is high and those foods travel well, but will also bring innovative—experimental food that’s less familiar. Looking for a fun and safe date night idea? (Think about straws). Food and Wine presents a new network of food pros delivering the most cookable recipes and delicious ideas online. 2020 exposed so many vulnerabilities in restaurants, but we also came together like never before.” — Katy Kindred, chef of Kindred in Davidson, North Carolina, “Given the current circumstances of things, It seems that more and more people will be looking to seek refuge from the city and search out dining destinations in more secluded areas where they can have a high quality experience with a bit more space to themselves. I think we'll see a more focused conversation around ingredients like sweet potatoes and various greens or biscuits as they relate to Black folks and more specifically how they come from our agricultural and more agrarian roots. Overall, in the New Year, I expect people will start seeing cultures more holistically through food (e.g., Vietnamese food beyond banh mi and pho). Don't be surprised if you have the urge to fill up your bar cart in the coming months. ), so expect these to keep taking over your feed as we all look for new things to Instagram. Clean and sustainable eating is one of the biggest food trends that will certainly be a mainstay in 2021, as plant-based proteins and immune-boosting food saw an upward trend throughout the peak of Covid-19. — Daniel Boulud, chef of Daniel, in New York City, “Chefs and restaurant owners will find a way to safely provide cool experiences in customers' homes. You Don't Like My Politics? Perhaps a small batch Haitian Epis might catch your eye on a grocery store shelf, or you might even purchase a specially crafted Yaji spice from an online vendor. Our 22 Best Crock Pot and Slow-Cooker Recipes. Delish editors handpick every product we feature. Cybille and I served those very melons for the Black Labor Day pop up that we did on September 8th. — Robert Irvine, chef and host of Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, “2021 will see independent restaurant chefs and operators settle into a more long-term form of political advocacy that isn't just reactive to the pandemic. We thrive on the rush of a busy service and we pride ourselves on the fact that when all else fails, we can put our head down and do the work. News. 1 of 10 One tactic I can see being big is hosting zoom classes and building a meal kit/to-go brand. These comfort foods will cross all continents as people search for a variety of options. Here are the latest 2021 food trends that are about to blow up this year, from chickpeas as the new cauliflower, upcycled foods, fruit and veggie jerky and more! So I think people are going to get a little more brave at taking on long-term projects like fermenting. The pandemic exposed so many cracks in our industry and our society, and we cannot continue operating as we did before. The perfect marriage between cooking and takeout. We’ve assembled a list of 50 of the world’s most reliable, inexpensive wines – bottles that offer amazing quality for their price year in and year out. Expect people showing off their gardens in the spring as well as how they will turn their harvests into jars of pickled cucumbers, red onions, radishes, and more. With restaurants finding more ways to stay alive, we will see fine dining, ghost kitchens, QSR, and delivery meld into a very happy place. Plus condiments often have long shelf lives and can be stretched over a number of meals.” — Vivian Howard, television personality, cookbook author, and chef of Handy & Hot in Charleston, “Sure, demand for tofu as a meat substitute is on the rise, but dishes like Andrea Nguyen's Mapo Tofu Spaghetti or sweet, spicy, crunchy Korean tofu and silken tofu (like we have on the menu at Moon Rabbit) will make people think about tofu in a whole new light in the New Year.” — Kevin Tien, “For 2021 the trends will go towards comfort and simplicity. While the coronavirus pandemic impacts will likely shape how and what we eat for years to come, we're excited by the 2021 food trends experts from the grocery, restaurant, and hospitality industries are predicting. More and more of us in the restaurant industry are having to get more creative to be profitable—especially with diners being restricted from eating in restaurants due to local and state COVID regulations.” — Jorge Guzmán, chef/owner of Petite León in Minneapolis, “As we quickly started shipping food all over the country and doing zooms regionally and nationally we also were developing products to be sold online (cocktail mixers) or in stores (our own coffee). Without perspective and acts of kindness, we won’t move forward as an industry. Expect these lines to continue and to meet your friends for a socially distant burger date in the future. Tired of playing trivia with friends over Zoom for the millionth time? Flatbreads and pizza crusts formulated with chickpea flour will expand beyond Europe to American freezer cases and restaurant menus, Ms. Moskow said. What has emerged from the trauma and turmoil of our collective stresses have been restaurants pivoting into models that are more hybrid, take out, and curated grocery. Bubble tea originated in Taiwan, and is made with sweetened tea, milk, and tapioca balls often called pearls. Greg Dupree, Credit: — Cassidee Dabney, "In the past year, you had millions of people getting really comfortable in the kitchens in ways they hadn’t before. Sourdough is so 2020. We started talking about the future of delivery technology and developing C3 almost two years ago, and when we launched in February of this year, it just happened to coincide with the pandemic. We saw a huge climb in this technique during COVID lockdowns, and it allowed us chefs to still be able to support our farms. It’s high time these talented cooks get the spotlight they deserve and the spotlight on their cultures those vibrant cultures deserve. So re-organizing businesses in our industry with an eye toward talent with different skills will be a need.” — Meg Bickford, chef at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, "Meal kits, virtual dinner and theater, and to-go tasting menus are all ways to reach a larger audience than just what you can fit at your restaurant.” — Mary Attea, “Fermentation is becoming really big again, same with canning and preserving. That's been one of the double-edged swords of the pandemic: while our businesses were being gutted during shelter-in-place, many of us had an opportunity to come up for air and notice our lack of representation for the first time. The wounds of 2020 are not likely to heal in 2021, and the scars will last much longer than anticipated. Think of concepts such as Broham Grocery by chef Jonny Rhoades in Houston or the Grey Market by chef Mashama Bailey in Savannah. This change is quite possibly permanent. 1. 8 Leading Edge- Food Trend Predictions 2021 and Beyond Denver, Oct 29, 2019 ( ) - 8 Leading Edge- Food Trend Predictions 2021 and Beyond A leader on trends in the food industry, Liz Moskow has teamed up with Spoonshot, an emerging food intelligence platform to identify the leading-edge culinary trends that will impact menus, product development, and consumer … Plant-based items continue to be a trend into 2021, as 28 percent of people said that they have been eating more protein from plant sources during the pandemic, according to IFIC. Getty Images, Credit: Curry can offer so much to the diner. Everybody from famous chefs to your favorite restaurants have these on the docket, and we think more people will be taking advantage of them next year. EVER. — Geoff Rhyne, chef and founder of Red Clay Hot Sauce, “Supporting local is more important than ever. We (first-generation American chefs, immigrant chefs) didn’t 'show up' overnight and start cooking. — Spike Mendelsohn, co-founder and chef, Eat the Change, “While sugar alcohols have ruled the alternative sugar market for a long time, new alternative sugars in granulated and liquid forms are beginning to make a major debut. Is this the year we finally love gluten again??? © Copyright 2021 Meredith Corporation. They want something created just for them, making it truly a reason to get out of the house and celebrate.” — Mariah Posadni, pastry chef of Common House Richmond in Virginia, “Small-group private dining will be hot. The fifth flavour ´Umami´and Oud flavours will be appearing in newly launched products. Shared bottles are going to be shifted away from, and you will see more and more single serve portions that will then result in a more focused effort on waste/sustainability. Food Trends for 2021 News. With the end of the year rapidly approaching (or slowly, for some of us), it’s time for food and beverage industry professionals to make their best predictions about new trends that will appear in 2021. Everything from meal kits to alcohol can be delivered now and people will be trying it out (we personally hope to-go cocktails are here to stay!!). Le Creuset Has A Ton Of Discounted Items Right Now, Viennetta Ice Cream Cakes Are Coming Back, 45 Healthy Snacks That'll Keep You Satisfied, Disney's Food & Wine Classic To Return This Fall, The Most Popular Food TikTok Trends In 2020, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The impact on food trends in 2021 will change the way people eat and shop due to Covid-19 forever From the seeds of whipped coffee (and strawberry milk...and peanut butter milk...etc) and pancake cereal will come the next wave of Instagrammable food that will probably take you hours to make and seconds to eat...but who's judging? Charcuterie boards will also get a breakfast and dessert makeover, coffee gets an upgrade, kombucha gets boozier, and comfort food will get a healthy twist — among other 2021 food trends. Umami is trending because this flavour profile can replace salt at a time when high salt content is out of favour. This truth has been being realized for years and reached its current zenith in 2020. Below, chefs weigh in on the biggest restaurant trends they predict to find in a post-COVID-19 world. We're seeing a shift from people turning up their noses at anything under three dollar signs amidst the realization that you can get quality alcohol on a budget. Next year, instead of eating a cold granola bar on your commute, expect to see more Instagrams about meal prepping breakfast sandwiches, new fast food breakfast items being released, and maybe even the resurgence of overnight oats. Fermented veggies of all kinds—not just turning cucumbers into pickles—can elevate all kinds of dishes or be a really interesting snack on their own." If you're an eco-conscious consumer, you should be able to breathe easier soon!