La diffusion d'une photographie sur un site Internet sans autorisation de son auteur, sans citer le … Let's discover some magnificent abandoned places in Japan! There remained many things inside. A demolition is planned for several years, the …, In the countryside, few meters before the entrance of the village, we found this small flashiness house. Some vehicles are …. As for Cheateau Banana? The last students left the site in 2006 and the site has been left to decay. Welcome to - 28DL - The UK Urban Exploring / Urban Exploration / Urbex Forums. Haikyo Session. ... URBEX Clinique du diable (Alsace) - MAVIC PRO - Duration: 2:35. [UrbEx] Exploration d'un immense hôtel abandonné en Alsace History Liind. Carrefour (Crossroads) PA 252-2 Infantry weapons cupola with short tunnel, covering the Sierentz to Kembs road in both directions. Fortex-Urbex Alsace. A magical moment. 27/02/2019 Lost Vegas is a large collection of gambling machines of a failed casino, stored in a dark abandoned car dealer’s warehouse in Belgium. JavaScript is disabled. With surprise, we …, The University of Liege was a huge campus. We discovered some billiard …, We discovered this huge graveyard full of army trucks and cars. This castle is located in the town of Andenne in …, A unique place to visit, a dentist office that provided general dentistry which is now abandoned in Belgium. Posted on May 6, 2019 by Street NinjArt Posted in aerosol, france, friche, graffiti, montreuil, paris, spray, tag, urban, urban art, urbex January 2019 – Montreuil – France January 2019 – Nantes – France The History. I don’t manage to get into …, A beautiful swimming pool built in 1915 and now closed due its failure to respect of current standards. Trip to Hardt Forest near Kembs on 15th June. This post may contain affiliate links. W każdym z naszych materiałów o Urbex jest motyw historyczny, co nas wyróżnia na tle innych ekip. Le piano, un classique dans l'Urbex. ... 2019. For the past five years, I've been writing about the weird and wonderful on this travel and culture blog, with a particular focus on history, hidden gems, and offbeat adventures in Europe and beyond. Location appears abandoned after 2002. View the best urbex locations and read about its history. It was built in 1889 and after the WWII, it was converted into a luxurious hotel which closed in 2009 …, An abandoned school in Belgium, in the center of a little city. Inside nothing moved, at any moment we had the impression to see an elderly person living here but there …, Doel is an abandoned village in Belgium in the East Flanders at 30 kilometers from Antwerp. Elles m'appartiennent et sont régies par le droit français de la propriété intellectuelle, et notamment le droit d'auteur, qui s'applique d'ailleurs aussi bien aux amateurs qu'aux professionnels. The purpose was probably to sell them, but vandals broke open all slot machines in … The castle is exceptionally well preserved …, Built around 1900, this sanatorium, located in the Walloon Region, was used for reception of asylum seekers and refugees until 2013. Otherwise, some of the best things to do in the town include medieval ramparts, plenty of nearby vineyards (Obernai lies along the Alsace wine route), and, of course, the annual Christmas market. You must log in or register to reply here. Create an account | Login | Request new password. It’s been abandoned for many years now. History. Ça fait un moment que ce gigantesque atelier de réparation a fermé ses portes, pourtant quelques trésors s'y trouvent encore comme ces deux coccinelles ou encore une mini break! Abandoned urbex locations from Kingdom of Belgium, Königreich Belgien or Royaume de Belgique. Jesteśmy grupą eksploratorów z pasją do historii. This post may contain affiliate links. After the …. Some signs of vandalism already sadly, even though this has only been on the urbex scene for perhaps 6 months. Apart from a …, Pedophile child-killer Marc Dutroux is considered among the most evil criminals in the history of Belgium. Find out more. We were very happy to find a lot of things …, This convent, built in 1910, was abandoned in 2002. M&T Photographie 7,203 views. Located along the Alsace wine route, Guebwiller is a beautiful French town characterised by its small cobbled lanes and claim to fame as the heart of ‘Blue … Located in a residential area, we entered discreetly to not be seen …, Located in a peaceful neighborhood, you cannot see this house if you don’t know before that it is abandoned. The “red castle”, an abandoned retirement home for elderly people. Château Lumiere was the family home of a wealthy tobacco tycoon of Swiss decent. Co to Urbex i czym jest Urbex i Urbex History ? Občasní přispěvatelé i nadšení zakladatelé, to jsou všichni díky kterým existuje již od roku 2010. Maginot Line - Bunkers & Pill Boxes in Alsace 6, MAGINOT LINE - BUNKERS AND PILL BOXES IN ALASCE 4, Maginot Line - Bunkers and Pill Boxes in Alasce 3, MAGINOT LINE - BUNKERS AND PILL BOXES IN ALSACE 2, Maginot Line - Bunkers and Pill boxes in Alsace. 2020 Christmas market opening times: cancelled Christmas … No one will return for classes to this school, no student anymore. In the early 70s, Doel had a population of around 1,300. An abandoned Veterinary School with dead animals in formol jars. This is the urbex database map from my website This place is well know in the urban exploration world thanks to …, This castle was built in 1881 and was occupied by the Nazis during World War II. ... Not really urbex but for some reason is marked as a spot on the few databases I have access to. In 2019, there are four Christmas markets, dotted across the city. Sophie Nadeau Travel Writer & Culture Blogger. Inside the house is a paradox, with some rooms set up almost picture perfect like some kind of movie set; others had so much junk thrown in it was almost impossible to get through it. Adrenalinové zážitky jsou důležitou součástí našeho života a nehodláme se jich vzdát. 10th November 2019 dennis 0. Let's discover fascinating and incredible abandoned places. Majestical, impressive and ever so historic, one of the top must-see locations in the Alsace capital city is that of the Strasbourg Astronomical Clock. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. L’HÔTEL LE PLUS HANTE D'ALSACE - URBEX #14 TONY. An incredible Japanese immersion to live through our reports. Aujourd'hui je vous emmène avec moi dans le lieu le plus hantée d’Alsace. 960 likes. Despite a poor facade, inside it is majestic with a splendid glass roof. Obviously, the house had to …, Let’s discover an abandoned bowling alley in Belgium for many years due to bankruptcy. A breathtaking decaying castle in an ordinary village in Belgium. View the best urbex locations and read about its history. #urbex #urbexfrance A post shared by An Abandoned World (@urbexsession) on Jun 29, 2018 at 5:40am PDT Let’s explore other abandoned asylums by [clicking here] Si vous continuez à utiliser ce dernier, nous considérerons que vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. Please check out my privacy policy and disclosure for more information.. Last Updated on 16th December 2019 by Sophie Nadeau. Carrefour (Crossroads) PA 252-2 Infantry weapons cupola with short tunnel, covering the Sierentz to Kembs road in both directions. Zwiedzamy i filmujemy opuszczone miejsca, często tajne lub niedostępne dla wszystkich. jsou první české stránky o průzkumu moderních ruin, na jejichž tvorbě se může podílet celá komunita. After the World War I, the nuns transformed the place in a retirement home but problems with standards compliance condemned the …, This high school, abandoned in the 1990s, is gorgeous. We found a wide diversity of abandoned vehicles including fire trucks, ambulances and red cross Volkswagens. Mes photos ne sont pas libres de droit. Urbex is an amazing way to do that! The school is composed of several buildings with a beautiful architecture. It was renovated and used as a residence for many high-ranking officers. Let's go to France and discover its abandoned castles.Visit a lot of beautiful abandoned places through our photos.Explore deserted places around the world. Visiting Chernobyl and the post apocalyptic abandoned soviet town of Pripyat had been a dream, the eerily alluring idea of a town trapped in time, a relic of the soviet eta standing as a time capsule to a bygone era. Fantastic location in a small French village. This abandoned and decaying school is …, An abandoned villa where it remains a lot of things from its past. The bunkers are getting lost in the forest. Urban exploration in Belgium. Exploration of this beautiful abandoned house located in Belgium. Trip to Hardt Forest near Kembs on 15th June. The front of the bunker facing away from the front. A return in the past through old magazines and old advertisements. This is the Command Bunker for the fighting blocks in the Hardt Forest, set back behind the main lines. Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site. Bonjour, ciao, and welcome to my little corner of the internet! We managed to get inside discreetly. Taking a look behind the closed doors of abandoned places. The stunning chateau hidden away in a quiet town in France was built in a Neo-Baroque style in the early 1900s. Galeries de photos de mes sorties en Fortex ou en Urbex sur L'Alsace et la Lorraine. Urbex Session : Exploration de lieux abandonnés, The Veterinary School of Anderlecht – Belgium, Dutroux’s house – House of horrors – Sars-la-Buissière, Urbex Session, le Livre - au-delà de Cette Limite... a Vous de Voir, Politique de confidentialité et Mentions Légales. We explored his house in 2014, several years after its crimes. The place is well preserved, we can still play with bowling pins. Please check out my privacy policy and disclosure for more information.. Last Updated on 3rd December 2019 by Sophie Nadeau. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce dernier, nous considérerons que vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. Cancel Unsubscribe. Abandoned and forgotten places around Europe. Took a while to find but worth it in the end. Search for interesting locations in your neighbourhood and read about its history. The buildings were abandoned in 1991 when the school …, Let’s discover this abandoned castle in the Nation of Ruins, uninhabited for many years. Cookies This site uses cookies to improve your experience. 11 sept. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Urbex Belgique Canon" de Philippe Piheyns sur Pinterest. Categories Gallery, Urbex, Photography, Urbex_France, Château Lumière Tags Nature, Spring, Summer, UrbEx, france, alsace, urban, hdr, ... December 2019 (4) November 2019 (7) September 2019 (1) August 2019 (4) July 2019 (9) June 2019 (1) May 2019 (7) April 2019 (19) March 2019 (16) February 2019 (3) Loading... Unsubscribe from TONY? ... abandoned air force alsace belgium black forest chateau decay demolished derp empty factory fail farm fire forest france germany graffiti Health hospital hotel house industrial klinik kraftwerk Kurklinik … None I could find online. The Explore. The post apocalyptic world of soviet Chernobyl! A place known all over the world because this magnificent castle is mysterious. After a drive by and a circuitous walk to avoid nosy old French ladies chatting out the front of their house, we ended up passing a few sheep and into the house. Il en est de la religion comme de l'amour: le commandement n'y peut rien, la contrainte encore moins rien de plus indépendant que d'aimer et de croire. Categories Gallery, Urbex, Photography, Urbex_France, Château Lumière Tags UrbEx, france, alsace, urban, dark, hdr, photography, abandoned, decay, exploration, building, light, sun, indoors, Entrance, Roof ... November 2019 (7) September 2019 (1) August 2019 (4) July 2019 (9) June 2019 (1) May 2019 (7) April 2019 (19) March 2019 … Belgium is a country full of abandoned places to visit. The place didn’t find any buyers due to the …, We didn’t explore the Cesar Castle during the best season, we couldn’t see the facade due to the vegetation cover. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème urbex, belgique, canon. Sign up with your email address to be the first to know about new products, VIP offers, blog features & more. Located in a Belgian big city, the place …, The castle of Noisy is a big attraction for any urban explorers. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.